• FiguraMax FM600

    Looking for hot pilates, hot yoga or hot exercise cabins?
    These professional cabins are widely used for small group fitness centers, lifestyle studio's, institutes for health and weight loss, ...
  • PeauMax PM350

    Want your baby skin back?
    Enjoy a very relaxing therapy with the combination of warmth and enriched oxygen. 
  • TailleMax TM100

    Need to measure body hight and body circumference at the same time?
    Out ruggedized TailleMax TM100 will do the job, over and over again.


Welcome to the FigureBelle.com website. We are an experienced manufacturer of heated training cabines, widely used in the branche of small group health-, fit and weight loss boutiques. Our customers come from all over the globe and and they can testify our unique service. We don't manufacture a great variety of equipment, but what we make ... last for decades.  

+ 23

of experience makes us a solid partner

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on stock and still counting

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in +20 countries and 4 different continents.