warm cabin

FiguraMax FM600

The FiguraMax FM600 is originally built as a Thermo Physical Cabin for practicing the world famous TPM Method. It means doing targeted exercises in a warm cabin or warm bed. Today, the TPM method is still the biggest market who uses the FiguraMax. However more and more side activities are being deployed into the FiguraMax, such as hot yoga, hot pilates and overal revalidation.

Key Features

  • beautiful and clean design
  • professional quality and low maintenance
  • upholstery is sweat resistant and flame reductant
  • best pulling, holding and retraction ratio of rope pullers
  • rope pullers can be changed within seconds
  • different kind of heating possibilities
  • microprocessor controlled timer and thermostat
cabin weight 74 kg
cabin measurement L2400 x W1250 x H1500 mm
used heater element 2 x 800W air heaters 
mains EU 240VAC / 50Hz / 16A 
max/av. consumption 1600W / 680W 
bed - material polyester, color white 
upholstering - material black or lady pink artificial leather 
mattress - material polyether cold foam
 approvals CE listed
control panelFigureBelle
time by default
adj. 1 - 90 minutes
temp. by default
adj. 15 - 45 degrees
 safety mode
after 5 minutes no use
rope pullers
Atlas Copco RIL4C series 
total number rope pullers
2 for hands + 2 for feets
strength rope puller
adj. 1 - 2 kg by hand
accessible for maintenance
yes, from the top in seconds
open / close domestandard by hand 
mains USA 120VAC / 60Hz / 15A
special heater wattagesupon request
infra red radiation panel heatermax. 800W / 240V / 50Hz
combination air heater + infra red panel 1600W air + 800W IR
electrically motorized dome open/close via control panel 
cabin colorupon RAL selection
color upholsteringupon available colors
automated rope pullers available soon

measurements in millimeters