ozone cabin

PeauMax PM350

The PeauMax PM350 is an ergonomic ozone cabin which combines warmth en enriched oxygen. This combination ensures that pores become "cleaned"  in a natural way. As a result stiff and losse skin becomes beautifully smooth and tight again. An absolute added value for health studio's to increase weight loss and body firmness. 

Key Features

  • ergonomic design
  • Fast warming up
  • no oxygen bottles needed
  • Filters the ozone at the end
  • no extraction needed
  • microprocessor controlled, time and temperature are adjustable
  • very low maintenance
  • no consumables needed
 cabin weight 58 kg
 cabin measurements L 1880 x W800 x H1050 mm
 used heater element1 x 1200W air heaters 
means EU240 / 50Hz - 16A 
max/av. consumption
  1200W / 570W
cabin material
  polyester color white 
 lattoflexnatural beech slats
hand - assisted by gas spring 
 approvalsCE listed, UL non listed
control panelFigureBelle
time by default
adj. 1 - 90 minutes
 temp. by default
adj. 15 - 45 degrees
 safety mode
after 5 minutes no use
 ozon technologyelectrical discharge by high voltage
200mg/l/h @ rH50%
 oxygen technologyextraction from ambient air
 flow rate
3 l/m
 filtering technologyactive carbon
means  type and voltageupon country specifications 
other wattagesavailable, upon request
color cabin upon RAL selection
footstool for large personsavailable

 options available